Logo usage

Only Fair Stone Partners are allowed to label their consignments with the Fair Stone logo and the order specific barcode, if the order is registered in the Tracing Fair Stone system. Beyond this product specific labelling they can use Fair Stone in their general marketing.

Every Fair Stone Partner may use the logo on products for the first time once the Fair Stone Supplier complies with following preconditions:

  1. Supplier Agreements are complete, correct and signed
  2. Every worker has an adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  3. Adequate warning signs and fire extinguishers are installed where necessary in the factories
  4. A clear material flow is visible, dangers are avoided by orderly storing stones and stone debris
  5. The first Fair Stone workshop regarding Occupational Health and Safety has taken place (supported by local Fair Stone Representatives)
Barcode and Label

Barcode and label

Only orders registered with the Tracing Fair Stone software are allowed to be labelled as Fair Stone material (product certification). The software creates a QR-barcode, which is placed on the products next to the Fair Stone logo, and enables the tracing of the products.

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