Tracing Fair Stone

The internet based software Tracing Fair Stone allows to trace each stone back to the production facility - either by entering the order number or by scanning the QR-Code which is attached to each packaging unit.

Barcode and Label

Barcode and label

Each order that shall be labelled is entered into the system by the Fair Stone Partner. The supplier adds missing information and updates each production step - from the processing in the factory to the shipment to the arrival at the final customer.

Local representatives conduct random checks during the production process and on suspicion. After the production is cleared by the Fair Stone Team an order specific barcode is generated and placed on the product. The barcodes can be scanned by each smartphone equipped with a QR-Scanner App.

This enables municipalities, traders, private customers and interested others to trace and track Fair Stone products. Already during the production process the available information can be seen by entering the order number.

You find the user manuals in the download section.


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